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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Energy


Readily available and inexpensive energy is the life-blood of the US economy. We need to drill and refine our own oil and gas, stop sending billions of dollars on foreign-supplied energy, allow for the building of new refineries and plants, and encourage development of cleaner energy sources.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Education


The Constitution does not give the federal government any power to tax us for the purposes of financially controlling our children’s education – and for good reason. The purpose of our federal government is to “protect” the citizens, not “take care of” of the citizens.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Our Rights

Our Rights

We have several rights mentioned directly in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but most are not directly stated on focus, and that is why the Declaration states “among these” and not: these are. It is on this point that the Federal government was given certain LIMITED authority to act so as not to be able to interfere with the rights of the individual citizen.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Healthcare


Government interference in the insurance and medical industry has only resulted in more waste, less efficiency, and less access to care for all – government is the cause of most all the problems our healthcare industry faces today, and is why doctors can no longer afford to offer free, or near free care to the poor.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Economy


We have got to say NO MORE to these people in Congress and elect people who will not succumb to the present cancerous system of Washington party-politics as being a viable economic management plan. However far one wants to go back to start blaming Presidents, the fact remains though, that all spending had to pass the House.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - Defense


As your Congressman, I stand for always having a strong and capable military, with the most advanced technology of any country. I will work with other Border State Reps, to get this issue of the invasion of our borders onto the front burner, and do something real about stopping the draining of our state and local government resources which have had to handle it.

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Dr. Robert Lowry For Congress - 2nd Amendment Rights

Our Rights

We find our right to bear arms under attack from Washington like never before. This Administration has attempted to capitalize on unfortunate events we see in the news, targeting law abiding gun owners, rather than the criminals capable of taking innocent lives.

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Dr. Lowry for Congress - Help Cure Congress!

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  • Feedback Appreciated

    Since the primary I have taken time to reflect on the race and listened to many supporters thanking me for running. I also had a chance to meet with Will Hurd and Quico Canseco about the upcoming runoff and where they stand on the issues. I know that you supported me for my strong constitutional stance and my commitment to secure our rights. I would really appreciate your feedback on both Will Hurd and Quico Canseco as I make my decision as to who I will support for the runoff election. We do not want 2 more years of Pete Gallego.
  • Thank You


    I have been and remain blessed, honored and humbled by the generous support of time, prayers, money and shoe leather, which so many of you gave for the cause of our campaign this past year. Given all our efforts, Tuesday was certainly a disappointing night as the results showed that I was not going to be the majority‘s choice this time around. Thank you everyone who helped in the cause of my campaign to be a part of restoring the Constitution to Congress, and liberty to our nation. From Devine, to Crane, Ruidosa to San Antonio, I have had the honor to meet many families and individuals who have in their hearts the flame of liberty – working their jobs, and living their lives wishing but to simply be left alone in peace, without the busybodies in government inserting themselves into every aspect of life.

    Though we may have lost this skirmish, I assure you all that the war is not over, and I will continue to take an active roll in what will certainly be many more political battles for our liberties and rights to be recognized once again in this nation by our government officials.

    Over the past few days I have reflected upon Tuesday’s vote and the lessons of the past year regarding our mutual attempt to elect a true Constitutionally minded representative from our district. I invite everyone to remain in contact with me, and if you would, to give me your thoughts on what the campaign did well, and also on how and where things could and need to be improved upon.

    Certainly I am disheartened by the final result of the vote tally, but not just because I managed only 18% of the votes cast, but more so, I am concerned by the fact that although almost everyone of our neighbors complains about the present state of affairs in our government, less than 10% of the eligible voters bothered to cast ballots in this primary – and that goes from the top of the ballot down. This bodes poorly for the cause of liberty to be victorious anytime soon, but I for one will not give up. I also wonder how many people will go vote this November and complain about how the ballot is full of races where the only option is to vote for the lesser of two evils, while never considering that it is they who by not voting in the primaries, allowed for the situation to exist, and ultimately too, allow for the continued violation of our rights by the very government which is supposed to protect those rights. It is these people though, that when they complain to us about the government, we ought to take that as an invitation and opportunity to convert them right then and there to the side of truth, helping them see the light, and getting them to become active in this cultural war.

    One thing I know for certain is that there is a growing number of our friends and neighbors who feel that there is something wrong with the way our society is headed, and more and more, they are beginning to realize that it is our own government which sits at the root of this problem – that it is government itself which poses the greatest security threat to us all – a threat to our jobs, a threat to our economy, a threat to our lives and liberties. So, despite this setback, now is not the time to sit back or give up… the majority is only now beginning to awaken, and if we each do our job to tell our friends what we believe in, the more recruits to the cause of liberty we will gain.

    Despite not winning Tuesday, there is still cause for celebration. I know of several good people (in our state and others) who have either made it through their primaries, or still have primaries to get through – people who will take the cause of liberty to Austin and DC. Over the next several weeks I will attempt to highlight as many of these individuals as possible in my continuing communications through the 23rd district. I would recommend that we all identify one or two of these fine people to get behind and help them in their efforts this season to get into office so as to make a real positive change in our government.

    We will win this!