2nd Amendment Rights

The Constitution clearly states:

“the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed…”

However, we find our right to bear arms under attack from Washington like never before. This Administration has attempted to capitalize on unfortunate events we see in the news, targeting law abiding gun owners, rather than criminals “who take” innocent lives.  It is time to go after those in out own government who are guilty of this crime, and send them to jail – not just give them a slap on the wrist.  This is Congress’ responsibility, and they have been derelict in such.  I will not be so friendly – there is no reason to “get along” with the administration, when it is full of criminals.

Ironically, the Obama crackdown on average Americans has run in parallel to the unmitigated disaster that is the “fast and furious” gun-running scandal. This debacle has put American guns directly into the hands of drug traffickers from south of the border, resulting in unknown deaths in the United States and Mexico, including the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry. Arming drug cartels and foreign nations with the latest and greatest in weaponry while depriving Americans of the ability to defend themselves is not only foolish, it’s unconstitutional, and morally corrupt. It is also clear that the Obama administration has been arming Syrian civilians for some time, with fully automatic military grade weapons – ironically claiming these civilians need these weapons to protect themselves from a government which no longer represents the people. Yet! the same Obama administration officials, and like-minded congressmen and senators (in both major parties) continue to try and deny Americans that same right as they believe the Syrian people have…Are they afraid of us?  Is this why the NSA has been so busy watching us?

I will not only work to defend against further insults to our gun rights, but because I truly believe in our God-given right to defend ourselves (yes…even from our own government), I will go on the offense and work to start eliminating many of the already unconstitutional laws which are on the books.  I have studied this issue for a long time, and I can’t wait to get to DC and not just make noise about this issue, but with real action – putting bills in front of the House and getting them passed!  I believe it is long overdue that we elect someone who is not just words, but who actually truly believes in our rights at the core of his faith, and because of that, will actually do something to rid ourselves of these unconstitutional federal laws having to do with not just gun ownership, but for the bearing, carrying, keeping, and manufacturing of weapons as well.  I already have three bills near ready to go, so that over summer (after the primaries), I can get with other like-minded conservative potential freshmen, and organize ourselves so as to hit DC en-force on this matter.

We the people have NEVER given our just consent to the government to pass these laws.  That our liberal courts have declared many of them constitutional, does not mean they are – it means we have socialist fools on The Court.  Congress has the means to deal with this fact, but too many of our own party leaders in DC are afraid to support the truth in this matter, and so do nothing to protect our rights.  It is time to send someone to Congress who will call them out on their weakness in this matter, and make them get on-board.  Our Constitution is very clear as to our right to protect ourselves with the purchasing, carrying, bearing, and keeping of firearms (or any other weapon for that matter), and it has been only because we elect weak-minded people who do not deserve our trust to Congress, that the gun-restriction laws we have even exist at all.

Help me get to Congress and I will work to get our rights respected again.  I know how to argue with idiots, and I have spent years arguing with liberals and have become rather successful at getting many to see the light of the truths in the Declaration of Independence.  Let me at ‘em…and I will be effective in this culture war.

As a member of Congress you can count on me to not only defend our God-given Second Amendment rights, but to work with like-minded elected officials to reverse the Federal Government’s restrictions on our freedoms, and its spying on our own citizens.  It is time to stop compromising on this issue and time to stop thinking that a defensive political strategy alone will work to secure our rights…a strong offense is the best way to protect our rights, and in DC, I will go on the offensive and work to repeal the present limits and restrictions on our right to bear arms.